Political and economical life of Belarus causes a great interest of the world community. The leaders of the Universal Orthodox Church pay a great attention to the Belarusian people’s Spiritual life too.

The true Church is protected by the Holy Spirit and the Orthodox Church is united. But strongholds of Terrestrial Church (church communities, monasteries, families etc) should develop their own rules and norms of life and behavior.

The rules of Belarusian Orthodox Church’s communities are differed . It depends on a large amount of reasons, such as leaders preferences etc. But the Christ acts without paying attention to the human ban. And exceptions are always possible. (It doesn’t mean that these exceptions needs to be brought to the level of rules.)

Elder Ephraim of the Holy Great Monastery of Vatopedi on Mount Athos told words of life during the meetings in Belarus which took place in November, 2011.

We hope that the book will be interesting useful for a big readership. As each word told by the archimandrite Ephraim is imbued with love and compassion to the Belarusian people.

The author Tatyana Guryanova.

Сontents of the book